Our talented and established network of real estate experts have decades of industry experience and work directly with you to develop a unique game plan that addresses your strategic needs.


Steve Kirschner

Chief Operating Officer

Steve Kirschner has been a licensed commercial real estate broker for decades and operated his own brokerage in Suffolk County, New York. He has personally brokered the sale of hundreds of millions of dollars of income-producing investment properties nationally as well as owner- and tenant-occupied commercial real estate in the New York metropolitan region.

In 2016, Mr. Kirschner founded the Income Real Estate Operations Network (IREON), an exclusive network of commercial real estate service providers and product suppliers serving owners, developers, and managers of income-producing real estate in the New York metropolitan region. There, he serves as Chief Operating Officer, leading its business development and marketing force.

He was previously Membership Chairman for the New York and Long Island real estate chapters of Gotham City Networking, which brings together service-oriented professionals in complementary fields to share contacts, ideas, and resources. Under his leadership, he founded the Long Island chapter in 2015, and grew the New York chapter from 15 to 50 members. In 2013, the organization’s 1,000 members honored him as “Networker of the Year.”

Mr. Kirschner is a graduate of Pace University and is active in its alumni association. He also formerly served as Chairman of the Board for the Advancement of Commerce & Industry on Long Island after being an active board member for more than five years, and served on the Board of Directors of the Suffolk Y JCC for more than 35 years.


Edward W. Gordon

Strategic Partner / Consultant
Wealth Preservation, Tax Efficient Strategies, Future Business Planning

Edward Gordon has over 20 years of experience in the field of business and estate planning, serving as Founder and Guiding Principal of Preservation Capital Partners, a private wealth planning advisory firm. He is experienced in creating customized strategies and plans for wealth enhancement, its preservation and succession, including an alternative to a 1031 exchange to avoid or reduce capital gains taxes.

He began his career in 1990 with New York Life, followed by various planning roles at Arnone, Lowth, Fanning, Wilson & Rubin from 1993 to 2005. He also founded E.W. Gordon & Company—an estate, business, and charitable planning firm—in 1996.

Mr. Gordon is a frequent panelist and speaker at industry events, and has authored several articles and a book on estate planning and related topics. He is a graduate of the State University of New York with a major in business economics and finance.

He is also an active member of The Study Group, an organization devoted to the promotion of ethics, education, and technical advances in the financial services sector. He also belongs to the American Society of Certified Estate Planners and Society of Trust and Estate Practitioners


Gerald Hirsch

Strategic Partner / Consultant
Water Bill Audits, Cost-Saving Remediation Services

Gerald is president and CEO of The Water Group, which provides water management and conservation services, helping clients reduce and recoup water costs through services like commercial water meters, billing analysis, negotiating with water service providers, liabilities and violations, and property evaluation. There, he oversees a dedicated, dynamic team of water usage conservation and financial analysts. To date, the cumulative savings to the firm’s clients has been in excess of $100 million.
His previous professional background is in education and healthcare, the latter for which he provided institutional financial analysis and administrative consulting.


Neil F. Axler

Valuation / Consultant
Director Stout Risius Ross, LLC

Neil is the Director with Stout’s Real Estate Valuation Group based in New York. Neil is a valuation consulting professional with over 20 years of experience in complex assignments involving individual assets and portfolios of large income-producing residential, commercial and industrial properties.

His most notable assignments have included major office buildings, multi-family residential developments, regional shopping centers, industrial and warehouse facilities, hotels, golf courses, subdivision land, and mixed-use and special use properties.

He has worked extensively throughout North America, Europe and Asia. His clients have included both major public and private corporations – domestic and international – as well as the United States government. Neil is also a member of Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors


Chaim Krauss

Strategic Partner / Consultant
Water Bill Audits, Cost-Saving Remediation Services

After working several years in sales and business consulting for a multi-billion dollar company, Mr. Krauss joined The Water Group 18 years ago to serve as project coordinator. His responsibilities include all facets of project development, from planning and overseeing site inspections and analysis, to plotting strategy and negotiating with various government personnel.

Over the years, he has successfully negotiated tens of millions of dollars of savings on water bills across the full spectrum of his organization’s client base and has been the team leader and innovator with all its major clients, especially hospitals. He has successfully completed the AEE Certified Water Efficiency Professional course and earned the designate of CWEP.


Bruce Cohen

Strategic Partner / Consultant
P&C Insurance

Bruce Cohen has been working in the real estate insurance industry since 1978. In addition to founding the Bruce Cohen Agency, he owns several insurance carriers, a risk purchasing group, and associated real estate. He works with building owners and property managers in selling insurance to their clients and themselves.

Each property that he insures is run through multiple property databases, and if located in a city, checked for any violations. Properties are also run through the Marshall & Swift cost valuation data and estimating tool to ensure every client can get the appropriate coverage at the “right” price—in one instance, Mr. Cohen saved a client by discovering a building insured for $33 million should have only been insured for $16 million.

Prior to his real estate career, Mr. Cohen worked as an account auditor for various entities of Cohn Equities, including a real estate firm, import-export firm, and Gramercy Racquet Club, the latter for which he was also manager. He is a graduate of Queens College and pursued additional coursework at St. John’s University.